Real estate company with long history and proven reputation on the market desired to work with innovation sector. They wanted some tool that will help to gather emails of the potential audience for their upcoming platform for collaboration of architects and customers. One of the advantages of the product upon existing freelance platforms is a usage of smart contracts.
After discussion of several possible tools that will help to draw attention of users that might be interested in a new product, we decided to develop promo website. Because it will help not only to educate possible users on how the platform can improve them but also will be an excellent place to draw the attention of potential investors and pitch them main benefits of the future app.
Our contribution was to take care of the layout, style and interactive elements that will support the narrative throughout the website. In the end, we have developed a fully responsive website, with a simple and elegant flow of explaining basics of blockchain technology. We also worked on explanation video for investors to bring the clear message of company founders and wrap it up according to current trends.
Option 1

At first, we explored the concept of building in isometric perspective in a shape of the letter "Z". However, because of its ambiguous look decided to try a different idea.

Depending on which angle viewer looks at the building it can be treated as letter "Z" or "N".

Option 2

As we kept on searching for the sustainable concept, we came up with the idea of buildings connect to each other to reflect the notion of the blockchain. Since the initial target audiences were architects and interior designers, the view of the city animations connected to buildings were appreciated by the customer, and we continued polishing the idea.

Main screen
Virtual company

In the mobile version, we disabled all animations to optimize the site

For such large elements as timelines we added horizontal scrolling

All diagrams and charts are adaptive for screen resolution

Motion and UI