The Task
The customer referred to us to improve the current layout of the app and ask to create joyful user interface design. We also helped the client to enrich the experience of users by animating certain partsof user flow.
Breed selection
In earlier versions, it was plain flow with lots of selectors.
Old version
User breed picking
Since the app is about getting an emotional connection with the user, we tried to avoid as much as possible the multiple selectors on one screen and reconsidered the whole flow. It became more friendly and felt more like a little game rather than routine with filters.
New version
How it works
Icons of objects
Dog size
Additional settings
To customize further breed selection, a user can refer to advanced settings to find specific group breed.
The result
In the end, a user gets several lovely options to choose from according to his requirements
To simplify the breed choice for users, a user can compare parameters of two of selected species between each other.
About breed
The app contains explicit information
on every breed.
Pet health

We drew the anatomically correct illustrations for people to understand better the health state of their pet.

With the info provided by the pet owner, the vet will be able to suggest the best treatment.

Body state
The page for monitoring a pet health state. In urgent cases, a user can call a vet.
Health history
The app also stores data about health state changes during a lifetime. A vet also can add data to his medical notebook.
Social side
The app created for the sake and by people who love pets.
People have convenient space to talk and share precious moments with a community of pet lovers.
Family tree
of dogs and cats
Ever wondered about relatives of your chap? During work, designers customized the map where users can track the origin of his pet. Users can find where they live right now.
inside app
The app unites not only vets, and owners. People who want to adopt the pet can find here the right fellow.
Concepts & Prototypes