About Crios


The Established company specializing in security systems referred to us to design their new product. They wanted to appear on the market with a competitive and robust application that will help customers to track and respond on message alerts provided by the system of monitoring facility.
One of the advantages upon other competitors the access to the surveillance system should be available from any device. This flexibility is important in current conditions.


The web-based application which can be used from a desktop as a primary use case and also from a tablet device. In a case when a technician needs to check essential details - he can get access to the main functionality of the app in no time. The information from video and motion cameras gathered by the system. Data appears on a dashboard where user-operator can assign police district if intrusion takes place.


Our contribution to this project was - defining the whole structure of the system. How the user will operate with the product, what kind of workflow will be there. Our designers and front-end developer worked on UI and logic of the system.

theme selection
The UI developed in dark tones to ease the load on eyes for a viewer. It also allowed us to keep user attention focused on important content, and eliminate any ambiguity during operations
user flow
The system provides different levels of authorization depending on the role of a user. To bring clarity of interactions to developers our team prepared maps that cover the respond of the system on different actions
operator types

For commercial use, we divided users into two groups:

Chief guard – he is in charge of preparing the system of areas and sites for a particular facility.

Guard – a person who will monitor activity recorded by cameras, and act in case of breaching.

system hints
To guide user attention we developed two types of events and three indicators to explain a condition of past events
two types of events
Each recorded motion depending on time, and specified zone in camera view treated as usual event or critical one. Critical - requires an immediate response from a user. Usual events are events that match ordinary work schedule in a facility
The flame icon means that it was a critical event, and it was necessary to call security
The exclamation point means that system treated a record as a critical one, but operator marked it as a false alarm
The eye icon implies that usual event recorded by the system was marked by an operator as a critical one
full adaptive
While most of the time users will interact with the app on desktop user also can track important activity on tablet and mobile devices